Formatted Qualifications


The under appreciated champion of our product offering here at The Resume People is the Formatted Qualifications.


In a market with more applicants than jobs, shorter duration contracts and high staff turn-over, the average recruiter or hiring manager is more time-poor than ever before. This is where The Resume People’s recruitment industry experience truly helps you get in front of your competition. Most people applying for a role don’t realise that the admin work associated with uploading a candidate to a Site Induction or Personnel Information Management System such as SAP, ERMS and others is as, or more, time consuming than the entire interview process.


Be a more attractive candidate by making your recruiter’s job easier. The Resume People know how deliver your qualifications in the correct format with the correct naming conventions for the most commonly used systems around. In high turnover recruitment such as the Mining & Construction industries placements are often decided on how fast an applicant can be mobilised. Providing each candidate meets minimum criteria, the choice between who gets the job will almost always go to who is easier.


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