Cover Letters

Professionally Written Cover Letters


The Resume People believe that Cover Letters are essential to any application, not just those adverts that request it. The reason is this: You will come across two types of recruiters and HR people, those that read cover letters and those that don’t. The problem is you will never know which you are sending your application to. If you send a poor cover letter, or no cover letter to a recruiter expecting to read one, then you can create a poor first impression before your Resume is even opened.


A fantastic Cover Letter is a simple concept, but can be difficult to execute. They need to contain all the reasons the hiring manager needs to know to give you an interview.


The Resume People can assist you in identifying the qualifications, experience and transferable skillsets you have that apply to the specific role you are applying for and word it for you in a way that makes the recruiter want to call you on the spot.

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