Professionally Written Resumes


Our Trades / Professional Resumes allow a time-poor Recruitment Resourcer, Hiring Manager or HR Person to establish within seconds if you hold the required qualifications, specialist tickets and prior employment history to justify shortlisting you for a position. Once you have been shortlisted, our thorough Working Experience section will deliver insight into your true know-how on the job and allow them to perfectly job-match and justify an interview with you.


Our Executive / White Collar Resumes really delivers when it comes to showcasing your education, qualifications and career history. Where you have a solid career behind you, we can provide confidence to your interviewer that you have understood your KPIs & accountability and delivered results.


If you are a recent graduate we can highlight your scholastic results and show where you have transferable skillsets and life experience to beat the competition for those entry level positions.


Whether you have networked to get into the running for your next role or are applying cold through seek or an agency, let us help you make your Resume support your application effectively.


Regardless of your industry, career duration or desired job title, your resume is an essential part of any job application. In a lot of circumstances it is the first interaction you have with the employer that you wish to work for.


So it stands to reason that you want to make a fantastic first impression.


Everyone understands that a Resume represents themselves, but were you aware that in the situation that you are working with, or applying to a recruitment agency for you next role, that your Resume also represents them? 


Are you confident that they will want to put you forward to their client?


The Resume People are here to help you always represent yourself and anyone working on your behalf in the best possible light. Having a professionally formatted resume will ensure you are always considered highly for the role you have applied for and that there is little or no hesitation in being represented through to the end client.


The Resume People combine over 40 years of Industry experience from Mining & Resources, Civil Construction, Telecommunications & IT as well as lengthy careers in Australian Recruitment. This makes us uniquely placed to know exactly what the current hiring trends are and how to shape your applications to take advantage of that.


We also like to leverage our extensive industry partnerships & relationships to help you with referrals where there is a match between our networks needs and your skills & experience. These relationships we hold will put you in good stead to be considered for any role we refer you for.

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